One Touch Select – Blood Glucose Monitor


About the product
  • One touch select simple blood glucose meter with battery included
  • 1 lancing device
  • 10 sterile lancets
  • Case & high – low alarm reference card
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Life Time Replace Warranty

৳ 2,200 ৳ 2,500


Product Description

One Touch Select Simple- Blood Glucose Monitoring System:

Product details of One Touch Select Simple Blood Glucose Monitor With 10s Strips Free


One Touch Select Simple- Blood Glucose Monitoring System:

Kit includes;

1, One Touch Select Simple- Blood Glucose Monitoring System(Battery included)

2, Lancing Device

3, Case

4, Owner’s Guide

5, High-Low Alam Reference Card

OneTouch SelectSimple is a new user-friendly, self-monitoring blood glucose meter that keeps testing simply for you. It partners you in assisting them to swiftly take control with your recommended action steps and reduce your risk of suffering serious diabetic complications.


Easy to learn; Easy to teach
From initial diagnosis to long-term treatment, diabetes management can be an overwhelming process. This is why OneTouch SelectSimple is designed to keep testing easy for you. These useful features reduce the chance of any manual errors, giving you added confidence in test reliability.

3 simple steps for accurate results
1. Insert strip 2. Apply blood on strip 3. Obtain result
With an eased mind, OneTouch Select Simple has no buttons, a clearly visible test strip port, as well as an icon-driven interface that makes the meter display easy to read.