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Neochem, Semi Auto Bio Chemistry Analyzer, Sarbia.

Neochem, Semi Auto Bio Chemistry Analyzer, Sarbia.

  • cst effective and reliable system
  • convenient maintenance design
  • large memory capacity
  • high-quality filter & close optical system
  • advanced unexpected power-off protection
  • carefully designd
  • powerful software
  • functional characteristics provides easy operation.

User-Friendly interface

Menu-lead operation. All information, such as operating prompts, status indications, QC calculation, test results and all important date are displayed on the LCD, Data can be exported through the internal printer or via RS232 and parallel interfaces.

৳ 120,000 ৳ 200,000


Neochem, Semi Auto Bio Chemistry Analyzer, Sarbia.

  • Large Graphic LCD Screen
  • Small Sample Volume
  • Cost Effective and reliable system


  • Analysis method: endpoint, kinetics (rate method), two-point, dual-wavelength, factor method, singl-poing calibration method, multipoint calibrtion method and non-linear calibration method etc.
  • light source: long-life halogen lamp 6V/10W, with auto-sleep function.
  • wavelength: 7 standard optical filters 340nm, 405nm, 492nm,510nm,546nm,578nm,630nm,and other two position for selecting.
  • photometric range: -0.3-4.0abs
  • wavelength accuracy: +-1nm
  • spectrum band: +-6nm
  • flowcell: 10nm quartz cell , 30ul volume
  • memory: up to 320 items and 10240 test results
  • resolution :0.001 abs(displayed),(0.0001abs for internal calculation)
  • drift rate: >-0.005abs/20min
  • quartz cuvette flowcell 30ul, removable quartz cuvette could be selected.
  • aspiration volume: 100ul-9999ul
  • temperature control:room temperature, 25c, 37c
  • sampling volume: 100ul-9999ul settable,
  • cross contamination: >-1.0%
  • stability: >-0.005Abs/h
  • Display: Large LCD display
  • Cutette temperature: room temperature, 25c,30c,37c, tmperature fluctuation accuracy is +-0.1c
  • optical diameter: 10nm
  • perfect temperature regulation function, test could be done when the instrument is turned on after 2 minutes.
  • semi-bandwidth:>-10nm
  • accuracy bias of wavelength: >-+-2nm
  • carry-over rate: >-1%
  • repeatability: cv>-1.0%
  • testing time : 0-999s
  • delayed time: 0-999s
  • printing output: instrument could connect to external printer
  • software: reaction curve is displayed in real time, abnormal conditions could be controlled, such as substrate exhaustion.
  • quality control: with quality control and statistical procedure, QC curve could be desplayed.
  • support LIS/HIS system.

extensible function: instrument have port for connection with blood cell analyzer and urine analyzer, comprehensive report could be printed out.

  • printer: built in thermal printer
  • interface: serial port (Rs 232), parallel port (For External Printer)
  • ambient: Room temperature: 10c-32c, humidity: >-85%
  • power: AC (110-240), (50-60) Hz, 130VA
  • Dimension: 392*375*205mm, weight:8kg



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