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Multiwin Blood Pressure Monitor Digital

Multi Win Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This tool is used to determine heart rate and blood pressure of man. Used with how to install this tool on the arm sphygmomanometer and the device will read blood pressure slowly, wait a while to know the final outcome.

  • LCD and START/STOP button backlight
  • 2×90 groups memory function;
  • Average calculating for the latest 3 times measurement value;
  • Blood pressure classification (WHO) indicator;
  • Irregular heartbeat (IHB) indicator;+
  • Year/month/date/time function;
  • Accuracy :Pressure +/-3mmHg; Pulse+/-5%;
  • Power by 4 AAA size batteries or AC/DC power supply;
  • Automatic power-off function.

৳ 2,000 ৳ 2,300



Product details of Multiwin Blood Pressure monitor

  • 1. Com-Fast Technology;
  • 2. Fully automatic inflation and deflation,
  • 3. 60 memories,
  • 4. Automatic power-off,
  • 5. Low battery detection,
  • 6. Excessive Body Motion Detector,
  • 7. Irregular Heartbeat Detection,

Multiwin Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood Pressure Monitor Best in Bangladesh. One of the things you need to be aware of when it comes to digital monitors is the size and positioning of the cuff. Proper positioning is very important in order to get a better understanding of the accuracy of the monitor.

You can easily confirm the aptness of the reading you get from your  digital blood pressure monitor by comparing it with the reading from commercial BP measuring instruments

Whichever way, it is important to get your digital monitor checked at least once a year. At least that would help you ensure that it still retains its accuracy and relevance.

Advantages of digital blood pressure monitor

  1. digital monitor makes use of advanced technologies and an automatic mechanism to check the blood pressure. Some of them can store your blood pressure readings on the monitor’s memory which makes it possible to review your blood pressure records anytime you like
  2. Digital monitors can help you check your blood pressure level regularly. Meaning you are better equipped with information of how your readings change from time to time. This in essence helps to fight any blood pressure problems fast without wasting any time. You can make necessary remedial measures to ensure things are under control
  3. These  monitors are portable and compact with very easy operating procedures.
  4. Using this type of   monitor reduces to the barest minimum the chances of human error as the most critical operations are automatic. This makes this type of  monitors the choice of device for regularly monitoring blood pressure.

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