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Light Cure Machine

Name:LED light curing machine
Input voltage:110V-240V,50Hz-60Hz
Charger output:DC4.2V 1A
Lithium battery voltage:DC3.7V
Battery:Lithium ion battery 1500mAh
Output optical wavelength:420-480nm
Output light intensity:1200-1500mw/cm²
Material:ABS plastic
Size:260mm*115mm(as picture)

৳ 1,800

Stable ,no noise,no vibration
It’s the new light curing machine which can cooperate the enhancement modespot light optical fiber.
Can repress the resin surface thus of over quick constringency,avoid the edge of tooth hole appears the fracture.
It can cure the resin which wavelength of 420-280nm,and used to repair the teeth in the department of stomatology.
It use the high intelligent battery check the circuit when the electric is low,it will alarm and the light will flash.
This instrument takes the blue high power and brightness as the light sources,it can accelerate the reaction of the light compound resin and teeth material.
This light-curing machine with adjustable working hours,working time visual,curing efficiency higher characteristic.this light-curing machine equipped wiht charging status recognized by charging stands(charging: the indicator light,charging end:led BAA,left:LED shining host),this light-curing machine at work,every 5 seconds buzzer”di” tone,while at the same time shows the time remaining on the display,non-work,120 seconds without any key is pressed,the light-curing machine automatically shut down to conserve battery power,shutdown state,press any key to boot.

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